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Dec 8, 2013 9:00am EST
of employment. it is a law of nature. the real problem is teenagers. 98% of people who work full-time make above the minimum wage. the problem is that those making the minimum wage, five out of six are teenagers. >> untrue. not so. >> disagreement here. >> it will not deter me. 22%, we have a 22% unemployment among teenagers. 36% among african-americican teenagers. we know you are going to decrease the employment. if that t is what you want, take it. that is not a solution. >> 52% of the fast food workers are older people a a they are on some kind of public assistance because theyan't make it on ose salaries. >> 88% of those who work minimum wage are at least 20 yearsld. that is a fact. that is a reality. you are entitled tyour opinion, not your facts. the minimum wage was 53% of the average wagege in this country n 1968. today it is 37%. 54% of the people at minimum wage, that is full-time work for them. one quarter of the children in the country have a parent at minimum wage. >> could you live on seven dollarars 34 cents an hour? >> would you aee to have a minimum wage with the exception for t
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1